Marula Market

This picturesque market has been described by many visitors as the most beautiful in Africa.
The wide circle of huts looks down towards the Kruger Park, with trees all around. It is the central village at Shangana, and is open all day to visitors.

The market is a gathering place for craftspeople from all over the region, and has a variety of traditional handcrafted art
unmatched in the area. Many of the artists work at their homes in nearby villages, and they leave their work at the market to be sold.
The Marula Market has been an important catalyst for enabling local crafters to make a living and create small businesses for themselves.

In the central area, there are clay and stone pieces, including carvings, statues and pots. The oven in the centre by the fire is used for firing the clay work made at the market.

Each hut which surrounds the central area houses work from a different crafter, and it's worth taking some time to explore their contents.

The Marula Market at Shangana is open every day from 9am to 5pm, and entrance is free. It's a great way to support local crafters, with the widest range of craft all at "Shangana prices".