Letter to Chief from Swiss Alps

To: chief@shangana.co.za
Subject: Thank You

Dear Shangana People

On the 6th of April, my wife Claudia and I had booked for the lunchtime tour at Shangan Cultural Village. When we arrived, we got the information, that we are the only two in our "Group". So we were quite sure, that we'll get a short-cut tour, and for sure no lunch, what so ever…

Faaaaar wrong!!!!!!

Our Guide, Edward took all the time of this world to explain us everything, and the tour turned into a very personalized visit. The three of us were joking, while we got very competent information about Shangana life. Also with the Sangoma, we could have a close talk, which, I suppose would not be possible in a bigger Group, which was very interesting, as specialy my wife knows quite something about natural healing, and natural medicine.

Then, at the end of the tour, the big surprise. A whole buffet of delicious food was prepared just for the two of us. It could have served 10.

Hey You People!!!!

On this way once more a very big complement, and a giant THANK YOU ! ! ! !

When ever we will be in the area again, we'll be back at Shangana Cultural Village!

Greetings from the Swiss Mountains

Claudia and Daniel Schaedeli

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