Shangana's local crafters

Shangana Cultural Village provides local craftsmen an opportunity to sell their handwork in the Village's Marula Market.  It is a commitment from the Village to local upliftment and for the crafters to generate their own income by selling crafts made by themselves. These crafters are one of the major successes of Shangana Cultural Village in terms of using local talent and skills in the tourism industry.

Zakuele Mkhartshwa, 28 years old, is one of these crafters at Shangana Cultural Village. He lives in Numbi Village, close to Shangana. He is very enthusiastic about his craft work.  Zakuele learned his skill from his elder brother at a very young age and his carvings includes the Big 5 and other animals such as giraffes and birds. He makes his living from selling crafts to the locals and tourists visiting Shangana Cultural Village. He receives many compliments from visitors visiting the Marula Market.  

Young boys from his community see him as a mentor and he teaches them his skills as a wood crafter so that they too can enjoy the art to create an artefact out of wood .  

Zakulele and other crafter's handwork is on display on a daily basis in the Marula Market at Shangana Cultural Village.  He is even willing to learn visitors to carf their own animals from wood.

Zakulele at work

A crafte's hand tools

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