Latest Shangana arrivals

On the 3rd of October 2011 two new goats were born in the village from the same mother. The Chief and his family are excited about the goats, gave the small goats names. The first one is named Sundhu and the other one is Ngcokazi they are named according to their skin color, Sundhu is a mixture of black and brown color and Ngcokazi is mixture of brown and white. Chief Ngobeni’s goat kraal is getting bigger and bigger - every day he gets a new goat or cow, without these animals there is no life.

Late news flash: Yesterday (18 October 2011) a third baby goat has been born - from a different mother.  Shangana is surely blessed and the season looks good for the Chief and his family. This goat does not have a name yet and the Chief had decided to ask his guests to name the small goat.  Visitors on the village tour can write the name on a piece of paper , provided by the guide, and drop it in the Goat Name Box at reception. Guests can also name the goat via the website.  The lucky guest who names the goat will be mentioned in the News section of the Shangana website.

Newly borns

Third baby goat - late arrival

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