This is a sample menu and some ingredients may change according to what is freshly available in season.  The lunch menu does not include the starters, unless requested.

Starters: NB The lunch menu does not include the starters, unless requested
Starters are passed around on large wooden boards decorated with leaves and wild flowers

Fire-grilled strips of venison with coarse salt
Roasted peanuts
Mopani worms pan fried in butter (when available in season)
Roasted corn wheels

Main Course
Served from iron pots, clay bowls and grass baskets, allow guests to taste a wide range of traditional flavors

Chicken stew
Traditional mieliepap
Samp with crushed peanuts
Freshly baked Shangana maize bread

Desserts are based on availability of fruits in season, and served on banana leaves

Skewers of chilled fresh fruit with lemon juice

Beverages (not included in rates)
Drinks are served in handcrafted, glazed clay pots

Cold Beverages: Beer, wine, sodas and still water
Hot Beverages: Hot chocolate and Milo

Featured in Gourmet Hideaways of Southern Africa, 2001

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